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Get Rid Of Pain And Aches The Best Way... Naturally!

People who suffer from back or neck pain will do a lot of things to find relief, and majority of the solutions out there that provide it have little to no regard for customers' genuine welfare.

Not so with the acupuncture mat. With regular use, you will be able to see the benefits this simple acupressure mat brings to your overall wellness, by further improve your health, productivity, and wellbeing.

Most claims of the effectiveness of acupressure mats in helping release pain and stiffness throughout the body, and promoting relaxation, come from anecdotal evidence or evidence based on individual accounts/personal observation.

Acupressure mat users have reported finding relief for:

  • Headaches, which is thought to be alleviated by standing on the mat with both feet evenly placed,
  • Neck pain,
  • Backache,
  • Sciatica pain in the back and leg,
  • Tight or stiff back muscles,
  • Stress and tension,
  • Fibromyalgia pain, and
  • Insomnia.


What Is An Acupressure Mat?

An Acupressure Mat is a rollable foam mat covered with a layer of soft cotton that contains thousands of plastic spikes that have rounded tips, on the upper side. These spikes are designed to put pressure on strategic parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders, and back, to induce the effects of acupuncture. Acupressure mats act as self-administered therapy.

What do Acupressure Mats do for you?

The Acupuncture mats' spikes apply pressure on a large targetted surface area, which in turn;

  1. Triggers the body to send blood - Increased blood circulation to that specific area, and the whole body in general, implies that ideal conditions that promote cell growth and development, enable the tissue repair process to take place, and ensure your organs are functioning properly and efficiently, are set. The primary function of blood is to transport essential substances such as oxygen, nutrients, hormones etc., to all cells in the body, and also to pick up cellular waste and byproducts such as carbon dioxide, toxins, lactic acid etc., for onward delivery to various organs for removal. As a consequence of improved blood flow, you'll recover faster, you'll improve your health, and you'll be able to ward off illnesses, diseases and sickness more readily.

  3. Initiates Pain relief - Tension tends to concentrate around pressure points (certain areas close to the surface of the human body that may produce significant pain or other effects when manipulated in a specific manner). When a muscle is chronically tense or in spasm, the muscle fibers contract due to the secretion of lactic acid caused by fatigue, trauma, stress, chemical imbalances, or poor circulation. As a point is pressed, the muscle tension yields to the pressure, enabling the fibers to elongate and relax, blood to flow freely, and toxins to be released and eliminated. As circulation and oxygen levels increase, muscle tension and pain decrease. In addition, stimulating these points, triggers the release of endorphins, which are the neurochemicals that:


    • Relieve and reduce pain and discomfort,
    • Reduce stress, depression, and anxiety,
    • Produce a feeling of euphoria,
    • Attenuate inflammation,
    • Improve mood,
    • Enhance immune response,
    • Boost self-esteem.


    Endorphins work in a similar way to opioids, and are often referred to as ‘the body’s natural painkillers’. Opioids are drugs that attach to opioid receptors in the brain to promote feelings of pleasure and alleviate pain, whilst endorphins which also act on opioid receptors, are naturally made by the body, and are not predisposed to Opioids' highly addictive properties.

  4. Promotes Deep Tissue relaxation - Myofascial tissue or fascia is a pliable, thin, long, strong, web-like fibrous connective tissue that extends throughout your body which envelops organs and muscles to provide support and protection. Healthy myofascial tissue is soft and relaxed, but trauma, emotional stress and inflammation to the tissue can cause it to become tight and more rigid, and knots or adhesions can develop in the tissue that can bring about pain, discomfort, restriction in motion and reduced flexibility. This tightening can occasion increased pressure on the muscles, nerves and organs which can lead to chronic pain. Chronic neck and back pain, muscle spasms, headaches, difficulty breathing and reduced flexibility may all be due to a problem in the myofascial tissue. The Mat's spikes' pressure provide myofascial release and enables loosening of your fascia thereby reducing pain or tension in your shoulders, neck, back and all major muscle groups.


Why an Acupressure Mat?

The versitility of Acupressure Mats makes them usable virtually anywhere you happen to be such as at home, in the office, outdoors, etc., and on virtually any horizontal surface, such as on the chair, sofa, bed, floor, etc. They can be used to lie on, sit on, stand on, lean against, and so forth.

The good mat should not puncture the skin, but as the name suggests, it puts pressure on the body. The mat could be used on any part of the body including the front torso, back, legs, feet, head, etc., though it's most traditionally used on the back.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, non-invasive, readily available, safe, and easy-to-use tool to reap the benefits of acupressure therapy, then the Acupuncture Mat is the way to go.

Getting Started

Acupressure mats can take some getting used to. Initial interactions with the spikes may be uncomfortable or unpleasant, and even painful before they start to warm up to the body and feel good. To obtain the maximum benefits, use the mat each day for about 30 minutes at a time.

If you're starting out, it is highly recommended to wear a T-shirt or lay down a fabric on the mat, whilst the mat is on a soft surface such as a bed or a couch. This will enable you to ease into the sensation, and to better control the amount of pressure you experience.

Once you get comfortable, you can progress to using the mat on a hard surface such as a floor, or, whilst still on the soft surface, you can lie on the mat with bare skin. Both ways still moderate the pressure. The ultimate goal, for optimal results, is to use the mat on a hard surface against your bare skin.

Best Practices for Use Guide:

  • Set a timer for 30 minutes. You can start off with 1-5 minute sessions and work your way up to 30 minute sessions.
  • Lay the mat down on a flat surface.
  • Position your back and shoulder blades evenly on the mat. It is particularly important that your body is evenly distributed across the mat.
  • Cautiously shift the body until you find a comfortable position.
  • Bend, hold both knees close to your chest, or use a pillow to prop up your knees, if you also want to target the muscle tension in your lower back.
  • Position your acupressure pillow under the nape of your neck to eliminate neck pain and headaches.
  • Let your body adjust for the first few minutes. It might probably be uncomfortable, however, simply relax, take slow and deep breaths, and give your body time to adapt. You can close your eyes to bring focus to your breathing. It also helps to play music and take part in a guided meditation.
  • Once the timer goes off, slowly get up from the mat.


Once you get used to using the mat, you can use it on any part of the body including the chest, legs, feet, etc.

The Acupressure massage mat is however, not advised for use, should you fall into one or more of the following groups of people or have any of these conditions:

  • Pregnant,
  • Nursing,
  • Have a heart condition,
  • Using blood pressure medication,
  • Have a skin infection, or
  • Have open wounds.



  • Contents: 1 x Mat, 1 x Pillow, 1 x Bag
  • Mat Size: 68cm x 42cm x 2cm (26.77in x 16.53in x 0.78in)
  • Pillow Size: 37cm x 14cm x 10cm (14.56in x 5.51in x 3.93in)
  • Net Weight: 670g
  • Material: 100% high quality thick cotton and plant-based Eco Foam
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