Heated Winter Waistcoat - Men

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Keep blissfully warm this winter!

During the winter season, temperatures dip well below our normal body temperature and we need thick sweaters and jackets to survive the cold weather. But putting on many clothes does not necessarily mean we won't feel the biting cold.

With our Heated Winter Waistcoat you could change all that!!

Even on the coldest of days you will feel comfortably warm when wearing the heated fleece vest!

The specially developed thermal fabric heat cell system is embedded in the back and the lower front area of the vest. The power bank goes into the pocket and a simple touch of the button on the vest regulates the desired temperature.

With 3 different settings it gives you 4 to 10 hours of blissful warmth depending on the setting.

Made of thin and warm fleece, the heated vest is ideal to wear either on its own or underneath any coat, jacket or anorak.

You can wear it during any sporting activity or in everyday life, whether inside or outside when you are feeling cold or chilly.

You can use it whilst skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, bicycling or as a spectator watching a game. You can wear it to work,  People sitting in wheelchairs especially benefit from the warmth of the vest. It is very comfortable and lightweight. Its style is so versatile and beautiful that you can wear it for almost any occasion.

It feels like a part of your body thanks to a fitted cut and a 4-way stretch fabric. The fabric is breathable as well as highly elastic. All these features give you full range of motion without any restriction.





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