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Turn your traditional lace-up shoes into slip-ons!!



Don't want to or can't tie your shoelaces, or know of someone who can't or doesn't want to? Then how about these handy high quality shoelaces?

At first glance, no-tie shoelaces may appear unnecessary, or maybe they’re just not fully understood. One thinks, "What’s wrong with the laces I have on my shoes right now?" We do not see anything wrong because we have already accepted the belief that constantly tying and untying shoelaces is normal. This is a great misconception that we have been exposed to, through many years of watching others endlessly repeat this mundane task. Wouldn't you say it’s perfectly acceptable if someone’s shoelace(s) came undone? You would probably even warn them politely of it so that they do not trip, give them space and walk around them as they are hunched over, hustling to tie the lace(s).

It’s time the world knew that no-tie shoelaces are the future of wearing shoes: The better way of wearing shoes.

Looking for unique shoelaces that give your life a little more convenience? Look no further than our Premium No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces!

  • They are easy to install.
  • They are bungee-like and are made of a strong elastic material for durability.
  • They help you get the perfect, uniform tension on your laces to avoid sore spots and blisters on your feet.
  • They are water-resistant, so no worries about soggy laces or damage due to wet conditions.
  • They are great for all ages.



    No-tie Elastic Shoelaces Features:  

    • Designed for Comfort and Healthy Lifestyle: We applied premium polyester material and combined the elastic design to our shoelaces, offering you superb elastic performance, reducing discomfort and pressure on the surface of your feet to keep them comfortable throughout the wear. 
    • One Size Fits All for Easy Customization: Full length is 100cm / 39.4 inches. These new design no-tie shoelaces are universally applicable. They are a perfect fit for your sneakers, running shoes, sports shoes and any other type of laced shoes. Never again tie shoelaces when engaged in any activity such as walking, running, cycling, hiking, and so on. 
    • Perfect for Everyone at Any Age: Everybody can enjoy the comfort of No-tie Elastic Shoelaces from kids to adults, and to seniors. Parents will never have to worry about kids’ shoelaces coming undone again. Our No-tie Elastic Shoelaces make wearing laced shoes easier and faster. Stop wasting time tying your shoelaces and get our No-tie Elastic Shoelaces. Also, our No-tie Elastic Shoelaces are an excellent choice for sensitive feet because of the comfortable design feature. 
    • Create a Unique Fashion Look for Your Shoes: The magic of No-tie Elastic Shoelaces is that they will give your shoes old or new, a brand-new look! They will make your shoe look cleaner and neater without any messy laces hanging about. 
    • Fits All Shoes and Sneakers of All Sizes: Our No-tie Elastic Shoelaces are suitable for every shoe regardless of size. They can easily be installed in running shoes, climbing shoes, hiking boots, sneakers, oxfords and many more. 


      Benefits of Using No-tie Elastic Shoelaces:   

      • Designed for a unique look - These No-tie Elastic Shoelaces allow you to customize your shoes for a new unique look! Since the shoelaces are elastic and made with polyester, you can easily customize your shoelaces to any style. 
      • Everyone can enjoy the comfort - Our No-tie Elastic Shoelaces can easily make any shoe comfortable-wear even if they are running shoes, climbing shoes, hiking boots, fashion sneaker, or oxfords shoes.  
      • Convenience - Our No-tie Elastic Shoelaces are very easy to use, easy to install, and they are DIY lacing. 



        Compatible shoes for our No-tie Elastic Shoelaces:

        • High-Tops Shoes and Sneakers,
        • Low-Tops Shoes and Sneakers, 
        • Air Sneakers, 
        • Leather Shoes, 
        • Running Sports Shoes,
        • Skating Shoes, 
        • Casual Shoes,
        • Official Shoes. 


          Why Do You Need No-Tie Shoelaces? 

          Whether you’re an athlete, senior citizen, or a busy mom, we can guarantee you that No-tie Elastic Shoelaces are more comfortable and easier to use than the shoelaces you have in your shoes right now. If you’re someone who struggles with pain or tightness in your foot you might want to try No-tie Elastic Shoelaces. Benefits include improved circulation and increased blood flow. If you still don’t think you need No-tie Elastic Shoelaces, we bet you know someone who does;

          • Kids: If you’re a parent, you know that morning "routines" are anything but. Every minute counts, and No-tie Elastic Shoelaces will give you one less thing to worry about. You also don't need to worry about their shoelaces being messy and coming undone. You will save lots of time because our No-tie Elastic Shoelaces allow kids to be able to wear/remove their shoes effortlessly.
          • Adults: Adults will also save lots more time, they will never need to tie their shoelaces again after the first install. Our No-tie Elastic Shoelaces will also give your shoes a new unique look that can easily draw attention to your shoes. They will also make your feet feel more comfortable. 
          • Seniors: Everything seems to get harder with old age – especially bending over to tie your shoelaces. No-tie Elastic Shoelaces will make your life safer and easier whether you suffer from arthritis, knee or hip problems or other muscle and joint pains. With our No-tie Elastic Shoelaces, the elderly can wear/remove their shoes in less than 30 seconds. Also, using No-tie Elastic Shoelaces, you will never have to worry about tripping over shoelaces or the shoelaces coming undone while walking or running. 
          • Athletes: No-tie Elastic Shoelaces were originally designed to help hardcore triathletes save seconds in their bike-to-run transition. Today, No-tie Elastic Shoelaces are used by all sorts of athletes worldwide from marathon runners to golfers. 
          • Special Needs: Learning to tie shoes is a challenge for everyone, but it can be especially difficult for individuals with special needs. No-tie Elastic Shoelaces help these individuals regain their independence and wear the same shoes as their friends. 
          • Travelers: Fumbling with shoelaces is the last thing that anyone wants to do at the security checkpoint. With No-tie Elastic Shoelaces, just slip your shoes off and back on again – you’ve got a flight to catch! 
          • Everyone! Yes, YOU! Did you know that you’ll spend 2-6 weeks of your life tying shoelaces? Plus, No-tie Elastic Shoelaces are way more comfortable than the laces you’ve got in your shoes right now. With these laces, everyone will have a perfectly laced shoe after the first install. We guarantee it. Seriously.

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